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A passionate and creative architectural designer who enjoys exploring and challenging the boundaries between
design, nature and narratives.


Understanding, observing, and analysing the people and environment around me became an integral part of who I am as I learn to design spaces that respond to the brief and the context. Spaces that fulfil the needs of users, sensitive to current social issues, and respect the delicate natural and artificial ecosystems within the context are what I strive to create.

Nature & Narratives

Narratives form the backbone of human civilisation and are inseparable from all forms of creative industries. Narratives take on a whole new level of complexity when integrated within architecture, and I enjoy sharing short stories that inspire designers of the future.
In the face of climate change and environmental degradation, the stories we tell each other matter more than ever. As an output for my final year thesis, I have created an online story-sharing platform where you can read, write and share stories that allow us to reconsider how we treat and relate to nature, disclosing the message that we are connected to all the other inhabitants on our planet. Visit the link above to find out more.